I am a son of art, my mother worked as a designer in Italian fashion for over 40 years and I grew up in the midst of brushes and colors in a creative environment.

Suffering from a powerful allergy when I was a kid, in the summer I spent many hours in the studio and, in addition to creativity and a taste for beautiful and refined things, I inherited the work method: I am always looking to improve, never totally happy with the results I get.

With my portraits I try to highlight the global beauty: that is, what every person is really inside and beyond that everyone can see with their own eyes.

For over 30 years I worked in software and I decided to live the last part of my life in the art world, also to carry on, in some way, at least a small part of my "genetic heritage".

So in mid-2016 - after having been positively impressed by a series of travel photographs in an exhibition in Como - I bought my first camera and started my venture in the world of photography.

I keep attending courses and workshops both online and in person. In this field there is a lot to learn and my training will never end: curious by nature, I like to face new challenges and learn as much as I can.

I started with portraits, always fascinated by feminine beauty and lately I'm also dedicating myself to architectural photography (which I love!) and street photography.

Several people have suggested me to enter the world of art and use my sensitivity to create works that can be hang on a wall: like paintings made with brushes and colors!

In fact the term "photography" derives from the conjunction of two Greek words: light (φῶς | phôs) and spelling (γραφή | graphè), for which photography means "writing with light".

I prefer black and white, more intense it “distracts” less and lets you dream more; however, I don't dislike color, at least when it emphasizes the meaning of my work.



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Studio on the beautiful Lake of Como